Online Banking Layered Security

Internet SecurityAs a customer using the Online Banking service for your Miners Bank accounts, you know that we show you a picture and special phrase every time you log onto your account.  Did you know why?  The answer to that question can help you ensure your accounts, personal information and bank accounts are safe.

When you first establish your Online Banking service, you are asked to select a special picture and a secret phrase.  Once your account is setup, you are shown this picture and phrase each time you are asked for your password.

Why? There are thiefs that attempt to trick you into thinking you are doing your banking on a legitimate website, but in reality they created a fake site meant to trick you into providing personal information and passwords.  When you are the victim of such fraud, you may be providing personal information without realizing you are being "spoofed."  As protection against such tricks, you are shown the secret picture and phrase that you selected when you first setup your Online Banking service.

When you are presented with this picture and phrase before entering your password, you can be assured you are communicating with Miners Bank instead of a fraudulent imposter. 

On the other hand - when you are asked for your password without seeing your secret picture and phrase, you should immediately close your browser and contact Miners Bank.  Such a situation may indicate that an imposter was trying to trick you into providing confidential information on your bank accounts.

Knowing how to use security measures, such as our secret pictures and phrases, can help you ensure your bank accounts and other confidential information is kept out of the hands of imposters, thiefs and fraudsters.

If you have any questions, please contact your account representative or branch manager, or submit your questions using our online message service.

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