Questions about Target and your Debit Card

December 23, 2013

It was announced that the Target chain of stores had a major data breach in which information on 40 million credit and debit cards was stolen.  These cards belong to customers who shopped at Target stores for about a three-week period, from late November to mid-December. It is likely this data breach has affected some of our customers, given the popularity of Target.   Here are a few questions you are likely to have about how this may affect your Miners Bank accounts or debit cards.

  • What information was stolen?
    • Target has reported that, for nearly three weeks beginning with the Thanksgiving "Black Friday" weekend, customers that used their debit card or credit card to make purchases had the information from their card stolen.  This would include the cardholder name, account number, expiration date and the CVV code.  Target reports that PIN numbers were not stolen.  Thieves that obtain this information can use it to make fraudulent purchases or make attempts at identity theft. 
  • I shopped at Target during the dates involved.  Is my card at risk?
    • Miners Bank will be informed by Target if one of our customer’s cards was involved in this problem. In fact, we have already received some notifications.  Upon hearing from Target, Miners Bank will automatically notify the customer and also issue a new card.  The old card will be disabled so it can no longer be used. 
  • I shopped at Target during the holiday season, but I haven't been notified my card was involved.  What should I do?
    • It is important, at all times, to closely monitor the activity on your accounts.  It becomes even more important if you shopped at Target during this holiday season.  See the question below that provides more information on how to monitor your accounts.
    • If you are particularly concerned about your card, we will be glad to disable your current card and issue a new card to you.  Simply contact your local branch to start this process.
  • What if my card is stolen and used to make fraudulent transactions?
    • Federal laws (Reg E) and other bankcard rules help ensure that customers do not suffer financial loss due to these types of situations.  It is critical that customers monitor their bank accounts and notify their bank as soon as they see a suspicious transaction.  If we are notified as soon as the customer sees a suspicious transaction, we can reverse that transaction and begin an investigation.
  • How do I monitor my account?  Should I be doing anything now?
    • At a minimum, customers should review their monthly statement in detail.
    • Even better is to use one of our services that let customers keep track of transactions.   On a daily basis, customers can monitor transactions with:
    • In addition to monitoring your Miners Bank accounts, it is always prudent to monitor your own credit report to make sure there are no unrecognized entries, loans, credit cards, etc.
      • All consumers are entitled to obtain a free copy of their credit report on an annual basis.  Make it a habit to visit once a year to obtain your copy.  Review it carefully to make sure the information is correct.  If you find errors, you should immediately contact the credit reporting agencies.  Their contact information is shown below.
      • If you are especially concerned, you may want to consider asking the credit reporting agencies to place a "Fraud Alert" on your credit report.  This will result in all future entries to your report to receive a more thorough review by the agencies before allowing it to be placed in your file.  In addition, the credit reporting agency may have other options for you to monitor your credit report.
      • You may contact the credit reporting agencies at:
  • If my card was stolen, how long will it take before I am notified?
    • We do not know how long it will take Target to complete their investigation. We have already started to receive some notices from Visa/MasterCard.  It could conceivably take a few weeks before the entire process is done.  However, customers are still protected by the regulations mentioned above.
    • As soon as we hear a customer’s card was involved, we will disable that customer’s card and issue a new replacement card.
  • Where can I learn more about protecting my bank accounts and personal information?
    • Visit our Education Center where we've compiled several articles and videos that deal with a variety of subjects on monitoring and protecting your accounts and personal information.

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